Services by En-Consultants

Wetland delineation of tidal and freshwater wetlands

  • identification of wetland vegetation that can trigger the need for wetlands permits
  • determinations and delineations of tidal, brackish, and freshwater wetland boundaries
  • evaluation and verification of previously delineated wetland boundaries

Permit Acquisition for residential and commercial projects, including:

  • new homes, house additions, garages, decks
  • swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts
  • sanitary systems and drinking water wells
  • private and commercial marina boat docks, lifts, and moorings; dredging
  • bulkheads, retaining walls, groins, jetties
  • bio-logs, fill/plantings, erosion control mats
  • bluff, beach, and dune restoration and nourishment
  • relocation of threatened waterfront homes
  • wetland enhancement and restoration
  • subdivisions and zoning variance

On-site assessment and evaluations of properties to:

  • determine presence and extent of tidal and freshwater wetlands
  • identify inhabitant flora and fauna and other significant environmental attributes
  • establish building envelopes, incorporating both zoning and environmental setbacks
  • assess the process of securing environmental permits
  • design approvable development or restoration plan

Environmental planning and management

  • preparation of management plans for beach, bluff, and wetlands restoration or enhancement, including design of plantings plans and monitoring programs
  • development of erosion control management initiatives, incorporating the use of traditional structures and/or progressive vegetative alternatives
  • design of docking facilities for private residences and commercial marinas
  • analysis, synthesis, and refinement of development concepts and site plan preparation for subdivisions of private and commercial properties

Rectification of environmental violations through:

  • evaluation of property to determine appropriate methods of remediation
  • preparation of restoration plans
  • representation at compliance conferences

Regardless of which service you need, we begin the process by listening to your ideas.

Then we visit your project site to perform an on-site assessment and evaluation, during which we determine environmental conditions, including the presence and extent of tidal and freshwater wetlands, bluffs, dunes, and any other significant environmental attributes. Then we can provide you with our verbal and/or written evaluation of the site and your options, for example:

If you are considering selling, purchasing, or developing a vacant land parcel, we will determine the building envelope based on both environmental and traditional zoning constraints; assess the likelihood of achieving your permit goals; and aid you in designing an approvable development plan.

If you own waterfront property and need to remedy a chronic erosion problem or wish to restore a bluff, beach, or wetland area, we will help you develop a long term management plan, incorporating the use of traditional structures and/or progressive vegetative erosion control initiatives.

If you are seeking to repair or construct a marine structure, such as a dock or bulkhead, or construct an addition to your home or property, we will help you design your project relative to regulatory standards and constraints.

Whatever your plan, we act as your project manager throughout the permit process, coordinating with you and your architect, landscape architect, attorney, engineer, surveyor, contractors, and/or realtor. We prepare, file, and monitor the status of your applications; represent you at public hearings; and respond to the requests and concerns of the involved regulatory agencies from the inception to the completion of the permit process.